Windows 8

win8_aWindows 8 is the new operating system brought out by Microsoft towards the end of 2012. It is set to replace Windows 7 though my experience would tend not to see this happening as there are serious concerns about Windows 8.

There are serious problems trying to get Java applications to work and this can have a big knock-on effect on Banking Online Applications.

Windows 8 is trying to do two things at the same time namely have the Windows 7 type desktop and also to have a tablet / iPad feel to it.

This feature can take a long time to get one’s head around and your productivity will certainly decrease while you try to learn the new features.

It is worth noting the every second operating system that Microsoft has brought out has been largely ignored by the business community namely Windows ME, Windows Vista and Windows 8 could go the same way.

Well-known Internet entrepreneur and MIT professor Philip Greenspun handed Windows 8 one of its most damning reviews yet earlier this week, calling the new operating system a “Christmas gift for someone you hate.” Greenspun panned almost every aspect of Microsoft’s new software, noting that Microsoft had four years to study Android and more than five to examine iOS, but still couldn’t build a usable tablet experience.

“Suppose that you are an expert user of Windows NT/XP/Vista/7, an expert user of an iPad, and an expert user of an Android phone… you will have no idea how to use Windows 8,” Greenspun wrote.

He continued, “Some functions, such as ‘start an application’ or ‘restart the computer’ are available only from the tablet interface. Conversely, when one is comfortably ensconced in a touch/tablet application, an additional click will fire up a Web browser, thereby causing the tablet to disappear in favour of the desktop. Many of the ‘apps’ that show up on the ‘all apps’ menu at the bottom of the screen (accessible only if you swipe down from the top of the screen) dump you right into the desktop on the first click.”

Simple tasks like putting a short-cut on the desktop and the switching the computer off are now major issues in Windows 8.

Yes you can go back to Windows 7.

Microsoft makes it very clear when you are upgrading to Windows 8 that rolling back a Windows 8 installation is not a simple task and is not for the faint hearted.

Worst still for some users is that the games Solitaire and Free Cell are no longer part of Windows 8 and you now have to download them as an App from the Microsoft App Store.

You can still purchase new PCs with Windows 7.

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