Speed Up Your PC

speed-up-computerFor optimum performance it is vital to keep your PC clean of viruses and spyware. Using the right Internet Browser is also essential. People are not changing their PCs as much as possible due to the business downturn so it is essential to keep it up to date and get as many good years out of it a s possible.

Having the right Anti Virus, Anti Spyware software and correct Firewall is essential to keep you PC in tip top health. Ideally you need a product that will do its job and not be too invasive like a lot of the major Anti Virus software packages can be.

IT updates must be managed correctly to prevent vulnerabilities particularly when you are surfing the internet. Having the right internet browser is essential. There is a major difference between essential IT updates and optional updates and some peripherals like scanners and cameras can slow down your PC with useless warnings over non essential updates.

Your computer can contain 1,000’s of useless files and it is essential to keep temporary files to a minimum in order to speed up the performance of your PC. Some of these dormant files can be potentially devastating to your PC. it can accumulate truly astounding amounts of digital debris, including temporary files that sometimes become all too permanent.

Another aspect to good PC health care is ensuring that only your important programs are opened at Start-up  Unfortunately all software programs think they are the bees knees and you must have immediate access to them – this is rarely the case and the major downside is that they can slow down your PC dramatically.

A major hard-drive cleanup often results in fragmentation — files and pieces of files scattered across the hard drive that can waste drive space. Defragmenting can improve drive performance on all spinning-platter drives, but it’s not needed (or wanted) on solid-state drives.

Your computer depends on the Registry and it is vital that this database file is maintained correctly.

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