PC Cleanup

win7_aIt is vital to keep your PC clean of viruses and spyware for optimum performance. People are not changing their PCs as much as possible due to the business downturn so it is essential to keep it up to date and get as many good years out of it a s possible.

Having the right Anti Virus, Anti Spyware software and correct Firewall is essential to keep you PC in tip top health. Ideally you need a product that will do its job and not be too invasive like a lot of the major Anti Virus software packages can be.

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New Video Website – MarineVideosForSale.com

Check out my new Video Website – MarineVideosForSale.com

The purpose of this site is to show clients how they can promote their business with videos both self hosted and from 3rd party sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

St John’s Point, Donegal – Underwater Gallery

A small selection of the photos I took on our trip to St John’s Point, Donegal in May 2012. The full gallery is available on www.MarinePhotosForSale.com . Hope to have free desktop photos very soon.


Google Tops Social media approval poll

In a recent survey in the US, GOOGLE, TWITTER, Apple, Facebook faced a popularity contest, who do you think would walk away with the crown and bouquet, according to the Irish Times?

It turns out that the general public – at least in the US – adores Google. Apple comes a close second. But Facebook, surprisingly to me anyway, barely musters a “like”. Read the rest of this entry »

Only basic broadband for 30% of State by 2020

The Irish Times has reported that up to 30 per cent of the population may only have access to basic levels of broadband by 2020, according to a report published yesterday by the Government-chaired Next Generation Broadband Taskforce.

The taskforce, set-up by Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte last June and described by him yesterday as a “unique experiment in partnership” between industry and Government, comprised chief executives of the State’s largest telecommunications companies. It was tasked with making recommendations on how to overcome barriers to greater investment in the roll-out of high-speed broadband services across the State.

What chance Cloud Computing in Ireland ?

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