iPad 3 Training

The new iPad 3 is a stunning piece of technology and is a serious business tool. The iPad is NOT a gimmick. iOS 6 is now available and highly recommended.

It integrates superbly with Microsoft Outlook whether you use this as an Exchange client or POP3 and in many respects is far superior to Outlook, or the way Microsoft uses their own product.

Group and one to one training – home and office visits arranged.

What I cover includes the following main areas:

  • Getting your iPad 3 up and running
  • Which iOS should I be running
  • Charging and Conserving Battery Power
  • WiFi and 3G/4G Connections
  • Your iPad’s Physical and Virtual Controls
  • Insuring your iPad cost effectively
  • Controlling the iPad User Interface
  • Screen Protection
  • Using and Customizing the Virtual Keyboard
  • Using Dictation and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Making the Most of Your iPad
  • Customizing the Home Screen
  • Essential Business Applications (Apps)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  • Accessing your Social Media sites sensibly
  • Using and Configuring FlipBoard
  • Setting Up an Internet and WiFi Connections
  • Installing (and Uninstalling) Apps
  • Browsing with Safari / Chrome
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Setting Up an Email Account including Exchange, POP, Gmail
  • Reading, Organizing, and Sending Email
  • Transferring Songs, Videos, Books
  • Shopping on iTunes and the iBookstore
  • Listening and organising to Music
  • Watching Video Podcasts, iTunes U Classes, and YouTube Videos
  • Reading Ebooks
  • Photos, Videos, and FaceTime
  • Viewing, Using, and Sharing Photographs
  • Organizing Yourself like setting your video with UPC
  • Jotting Down Notes
  • Staying on Track with Reminders
  • Keeping Contact Information Up to Date
  • Using the Calendar
  • Using Maps and installing Google Maps on iOS6
  • Searching Your iPad with Spotlight
  • Additional Tips
  • Making Your iPad Accessible
  • Using Foreign Languages
  • The Best iPad Apps like AccuWeather, UPC and Adobe
  • Troubleshooting problems on your iPad
  • Customing and Using Siri on 3rd Gen iPads
  • Essential Accessories

For more information please contact me – E-Mail: info@BrendanMoran.ie