iPad 3 from Apple

Irish Times have a feature on the launch of the new iPad 3 from Apple.

What’s new:

The display: You wouldn’t think that you’d notice much of a difference in the display; after all, the iPad’s display was already pretty impressive.

The camera: Speaking of images, the iPad’s rear camera has been bumped up to an iSight camera, and it uses advanced optics Apple developed for the iPhone 4S.

The chip: It may not be quite what had been rumoured – the A6 quad core chip is simply the A5x – but it bumps up the specs a little and gives it a bit more oomph on the graphics department. T

The battery: yes, the battery life is the same at 10 hours, but considering how much of a drain on power the improved bits – the retina screen, the quad core graphics – getting 10 hours of battery life out of it is certainly an improvement of sorts.

The  wireless connections: 4G LTE connectivity may not be much use to Irish users – we don’t have the networks – but Apple gave an insight into what we can expect from it when it finally arrives here.

Full article http://bit.ly/yaHvkG