Google Tops Social media approval poll

In a recent survey in the US, GOOGLE, TWITTER, Apple, Facebook faced a popularity contest, who do you think would walk away with the crown and bouquet, according to the Irish Times?

It turns out that the general public – at least in the US – adores Google. Apple comes a close second. But Facebook, surprisingly to me anyway, barely musters a “like”.


And poor Twitter can’t even settle for Miss Congeniality – with more respondents disliking Twitter than liking the 140-character “microblogging” service, Twitter seems to have a bit of a personality problem.

The results came back recently in an ABC/Washington Post poll, which asked whether people saw the companies in a favourable or unfavourable light.

Some 82 per cent of Americans in the poll sample said that they saw Google in a favourable light – and that rose to 92 per cent among those under 30. Apple, the maker of several iconic products (most households will likely have at least one), nipped into second place at 74 per cent.

But Facebook only received a 58 per cent favourable poll, with more than a quarter of respondents – 28 per cent – seeing it unfavourably. Still, Twitter will be envious. Despite its millions of users, the tweet service only gets a 34 per cent favourable rating and – ouch – 36 per cent unfavourable (the remainder are don’t knows).