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Premiere Pro – Adobe’s Video Suite

Adobe_Premiere_Pro_CS6_IconAdobe Premiere Pro – Video Training

Premiere Pro is a superb non linear video editing program. It works brilliantly with the Adobe Master Collection and can seamlessly integrate with Photoshop, Audition and After Effects. There is a comprehensive array of video and audio effects.

There are over 50 videos on this site alone. I have also set up a multimedia structure that is very cost effective with respect to file size, bandwidth and data transfer.

  • Managing Digital Video Assets
  • Importing Digital Media
  • Shooting and Capturing Video Assets
  • Creating Cuts-Only Videos
  • Adding Video Transitions
  • Core Editing Skills
  • Mastering the Timeline and Key Frames
  • Creating Dynamic Titles
  • Applying Specialised Editing Tools
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Putting Clips in Motion
  • Changing Time
  • Acquiring and Editing Audio with Soundbooth / Audition
  • Multi Camera Editing
  • Mixing Audio
  • Analysing Content
  • Exploring Compositing Techniques
  • Working with Colour
  • Nested Sequences
  • Managing Your Video Project
  • Exploring Frames, Clips and Sequences
  • Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore

Train­ing in all ver­sions of Adobe Premiere Pro includ­ing Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.