Adobe Dreamweaver – Web Design Training

The main items covered in train­ing will include:

  • Cre­ate soph­ist­ic­ated web pages that draw from data sources
  • Use Tem­plates and Cas­cad­ing Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Setup your local and remote website
  • Work with Text, Images and Tables
  • Make a Site Map
  • Cre­ate Rollover effects
  • Format Web Pages with Style Sheets
  • Cre­ate Forms for Cap­tur­ing Vis­itor Data
  • Insert Jump Menus
  • Explore Lay­ers
  • Adding Inter­act­ive Behaviours
  • Use Lib­rar­ies and Templates
  • Insert Mul­ti­me­dia Ele­ments into Web Pages Cameras
  • Pro­duce Dif­fer­ent Lay­outs with Tables
  • Auto­mat­ing Repet­it­ive Tasks