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Windows 8

win8_aWin­dows 8 is the new oper­at­ing sys­tem brought out by Microsoft towards the end of 2012. It is set to replace Win­dows 7 though my expe­ri­ence would tend not to see this hap­pen­ing as there are seri­ous con­cerns about Win­dows 8.

There are seri­ous prob­lems try­ing to get Java appli­ca­tions to work and this can have a big knock-on effect on Bank­ing Online Appli­ca­tions.

Win­dows 8 is try­ing to do two things at the same time name­ly have the Win­dows 7 type desk­top and also to have a tablet / iPad feel to it.

This fea­ture can take a long time to get one’s head around and your pro­duc­tiv­i­ty will cer­tain­ly decrease while you try to learn the new fea­tures.

It is worth not­ing the every sec­ond oper­at­ing sys­tem that Microsoft has brought out has been large­ly ignored by the busi­ness com­mu­ni­ty name­ly Win­dows ME, Win­dows Vista and Win­dows 8 could go the same way.

Well-known Inter­net entre­pre­neur and MIT pro­fes­sor Philip Green­spun hand­ed Win­dows 8 one of its most damn­ing reviews yet ear­li­er this week, call­ing the new oper­at­ing sys­tem a “Christ­mas gift for some­one you hate.” Green­spun panned almost every aspect of Microsoft’s new soft­ware, not­ing that Microsoft had four years to study Android and more than five to exam­ine iOS, but still could­n’t build a usable tablet expe­ri­ence.

Sup­pose that you are an expert user of Win­dows NT/XP/Vista/7, an expert user of an iPad, and an expert user of an Android phone… you will have no idea how to use Win­dows 8,” Green­spun wrote.

He con­tin­ued, “Some func­tions, such as ‘start an appli­ca­tion’ or ‘restart the com­put­er’ are avail­able only from the tablet inter­face. Con­verse­ly, when one is com­fort­ably ensconced in a touch/tablet appli­ca­tion, an addi­tion­al click will fire up a Web brows­er, there­by caus­ing the tablet to dis­ap­pear in favour of the desk­top. Many of the ‘apps’ that show up on the ‘all apps’ menu at the bot­tom of the screen (acces­si­ble only if you swipe down from the top of the screen) dump you right into the desk­top on the first click.”

Sim­ple tasks like putting a short-cut on the desk­top and the switch­ing the com­put­er off are now major issues in Win­dows 8.

Yes you can go back to Win­dows 7.

Microsoft makes it very clear when you are upgrad­ing to Win­dows 8 that rolling back a Win­dows 8 instal­la­tion is not a sim­ple task and is not for the faint heart­ed.

Worst still for some users is that the games Soli­taire and Free Cell are no longer part of Win­dows 8 and you now have to down­load them as an App from the Microsoft App Store.

You can still pur­chase new PCs with Win­dows 7.

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