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Scam - Phone call to fix your PC | Brendan Moran



Scam — Phone call to fix your PC

There is a scam where you will receive a call to fix your non exis­tent PC prob­lem. Just hang up and nev­er give out details over the phone to some­one you don’t know.

If you have time on your hands and want to annoy the scam­mers you could folow this exam­ple from one that I pick up off

First there was music. Then a heav­i­ly accent­ed voice from a call cen­tre in India. This min­ion’s job was to get me to turn on my PC so they could achieve some­thing. So, three mis­takes there:

1. I don’t have a PC that I use for any­thing except spe­cial­ist pur­pos­es
2. This was a silent call, music notwith­stand­ing. If they had been a UK com­pa­ny this would have been ille­gal
3. I am not the idiot they think I am

So I told the very nice and heav­i­ly accent­ed gen­tle­man that my PC takes ten min­utes to boot. And that I would put him on hold. I explained he would hear music.

Then I turned the radio on and put the hand­set by the radio.

After 5 min­utes I apol­o­gised that it would be anoth­er five min­utes. He was still on the line!

After ten min­utes I apol­o­gised that the machine had just crashed, and that it would be anoth­er ten min­utes. He was still on the line!

After 20 min­utes I told him that the machine had boot­ed suc­cess­ful­ly!

Not only was he still on the line, he put me on hold then so I could speak to his super­vi­sor. I decid­ed to hold.

A much less accent­ed lady came onto the line and asked me to look at my key­board, so I did.

She told me where the Alt key was. Inter­est­ing­ly it is there! Bot­tom left hand side. Oh joy. Next to that she told me was the Win­dows key.

Ah yes, the win­dows key. That is very hard to find on a Mac. I explained that I could­n’t see it.

She asked me to look at the bot­tom left hand cor­ner of the screen and told me that there was a lit­tle but­ton marked “Start”. I told her there was­n’t. What I have is “Find­er’, which has a smi­ley face.

When she asked what was there I told her that I had a smi­ley face. I believe in let­ting cold call­ing idiots hang them­selves.

Instruct­ed to click the smi­ley face, I did. She did­n’t believe me when I told her that a list of files opened.

At that point she got a bit upset and accused me of not hav­ing turned my PC on. I was wait­ing for the old cus­tomer ser­vice joke of being told to take the machine back to the store and to ask for a refund because I’m too stu­pid to own one!

Instead she actu­al­ly decid­ed to hang up!

Go me!

Anoth­er glo­ri­ous way to annoy an uneth­i­cal tele­sales com­pa­ny!

The thing about this lot is that I real­ly can’t see where the scam is. I sup­pose at some point they ask for pay­ment for what­ev­er it is they pre­tend they can do to your PC. Unless, of course, they deploy some sort of Tro­jan onto it and cre­ate some form of unpleas­ant bot­net.

What­ev­er it is I don’t want it.

This call is just like those guys who turn up in an old Ford Tran­sit with a load old asphalt on the back and ask if you want your dri­ve resur­faced, and then rip you off rot­ten by doing a bad job. You do not give access to your PC with your per­son­al data, your bank details, on it to any old Tom, Dick or Har­ry. Instead you take up ref­er­ences.

I went to their web site at (and no, I will not dig­ni­fy it with a link!):

Look! Top right. The sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing.

Of every 100 peo­ple, sev­en are dis­sat­is­fied! That’s pret­ty poor!

No, that’s awful!

That’s apart from the silent call, and telling me that I had been con­tact­ed because I filled out a form when I bought my PC!

Scam artists!

Oh yes. Total call time was 24 min­utes 51 sec­onds. I think that’s a new record!”