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PC Cleanup | Brendan Moran



PC Cleanup

win7_aIt is vital to keep your PC clean of virus­es and spy­ware for opti­mum per­for­mance. Peo­ple are not chang­ing their PCs as much as pos­si­ble due to the busi­ness down­turn so it is essen­tial to keep it up to date and get as many good years out of it a s pos­si­ble.

Hav­ing the right Anti Virus, Anti Spy­ware soft­ware and cor­rect Fire­wall is essen­tial to keep you PC in tip top health. Ide­al­ly you need a prod­uct that will do its job and not be too inva­sive like a lot of the major Anti Virus soft­ware pack­ages can be.

IT updates must be man­aged cor­rect­ly to pre­vent vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties par­tic­u­lar­ly when you are surf­ing the inter­net. Hav­ing the right inter­net brows­er is essen­tial. There is a major dif­fer­ence between essen­tial IT updates and option­al updates and some periph­er­als like scan­ners and cam­eras can slow down your PC with use­less warn­ings over non essen­tial updates.

Your com­put­er can con­tain 1,000’s of use­less files and it is essen­tial to keep tem­po­rary files to a min­i­mum in order to speed up the per­for­mance of your PC. Some of these dor­mant files can be poten­tial­ly dev­as­tat­ing to your PC. it can accu­mu­late tru­ly astound­ing amounts of dig­i­tal debris, includ­ing tem­po­rary files that some­times become all too per­ma­nent.

Anoth­er aspect to good PC health care is ensur­ing that only your impor­tant pro­grams are opened at Start-up  Unfor­tu­nate­ly all soft­ware pro­grams think they are the bees knees and you must have imme­di­ate access to them — this is rarely the case and the major down­side is that they can slow down your PC dra­mat­i­cal­ly.

A major hard-dri­ve cleanup often results in frag­men­ta­tion — files and pieces of files scat­tered across the hard dri­ve that can waste dri­ve space. Defrag­ment­ing can improve dri­ve per­for­mance on all spin­ning-plat­ter dri­ves, but it’s not need­ed (or want­ed) on sol­id-state dri­ves.

Your com­put­er depends on the Reg­istry and it is vital that this data­base file is main­tained cor­rect­ly.

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