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excel_2013_150I design and develop a wide range of database systems. These databases are customised 100% for my clients. They are never static and can be developed to grow with your business / organisational needs. Databases are far superior to spreadsheets – with databases you enter the data once and then you can get unlimited views and turn that raw data into information. I also specialise in recovering data from corrupt Access databases. Read the rest of this entry »

Finally Some Action Against Rate-Your-Solicitor.com

The Irish Times reported on Saturday that finally some action is to be taken against obnoxious website Rate-Your-Solicitor.com.

A lot of solicitors in Wicklow have suffered unfairly at the hands of Rate-Your-Solicitor.com. Read the rest of this entry »

Battle of the Apps for Smartphones

Good article in Irish Times today (15th Oct 2010) about the battle going on for control of the smartphones apps.

The iPhone has 250,000 apps and 19.2% share of the European market.

The HTC has 90,000 apps and 6.1% share of the European smartphone market.

The Nokia has 40,000 apps and 54.4% share of the European smartphone market.

Irish Tax Revenue Has 10 Laptops Stolen

On Friday, 28th January, the Data Protection Commissioner has begun an investigation into the theft of laptops from the Revenue Commissioners in Dublin.

Three men walked in to an office block at Ashtown Gate on the Navan Road last night and stole ten laptops.

The Revenue Commissioners are still trying to determine if anything else was stolen, but a spokesman said all of its laptops are encrypted.

The commissioner is seeking to establish what type of data was on the laptops and how sensitive it was.

More Data Breaches – Fine Gael Website

There have been more Data Breaches – this time it was the Fine Gael website. Fine Gael has confirmed that the contact details of just under 2,000 people were compromised in the attack on its website on Sunday 9th Jan 2011.

Fine Gael

Fine Gael

The website is currently closed down and there is a message saying that an entity called called the Anonymous Group was responsible for the attack.

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