Microsoft sues Comet over Windows ‘counterfeits’

ZD Net reports that Microsoft is suing the UK electrical retailer Comet for allegedly creating and selling more than 94,000 counterfeit Windows recovery CDs.

Microsoft is suing UK retailer Comet over claims it sold thousands of counterfeit Windows recovery disks. The software giant took its case to the UK High Court on Wednesday, claiming Comet had made money from sales of sets of knock-off Windows Vista and Windows XP recovery disks. Read the rest of this entry »

Window XP use drops as Windows 7 catches up

Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system was the most used OS in 2011 but its market share has been dropping rapidly, losing more than 10 percent as people shift to Windows 7.

In its latest desktop OS study, released on Monday, web metrics firm Net Applications revealed that the number of computers worldwide running Windows XP — released in October 2001 — stood at 57.51 percent in February 2011, but fell to 46.52 percent in December. Read the rest of this entry »

Adobe Drops Flash for iPhone

ZD Net reported that Adobe has explicitly cited Apple’s refusal to include Flash support in its iPhone and iPad browsers as a reason for the technology’s demise.

In a blog post on Friday, Adobe Flash developer relations chief Mike Chambers said Apple’s intransigence on the matter has reduced Flash’s chances of becoming a widespread platform for in-browser mobile apps. Another major factor was the rise of HTML5, he noted, on which Adobe is now placing a stronger focus. Read the rest of this entry »

Latest E-Mail Scams

Avoid any e-mails that have

1. Re:CV and go on about a job in Canada

“Your job duties will be to:
Process payments from our clients and send weekly reports on status of
payments of transactions…..”

2. “Follow Up – File Error Notification” in Subject line.

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft’s new browser is Internet Explorer 9. The new user interface has been praised as a major step forward but the big drawback is that it will only work on Windows Vista/Windows 7 computers.

Most businesses use the tried and trusted Windows Xp operating system so they will not be moving over to this new browser and may switch to Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari.

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