Adobe Dreamweaver – Web Design Training

The main items covered in train­ing will include:

  • Cre­ate soph­ist­ic­ated web pages that draw from data sources
  • Use Tem­plates and Cas­cad­ing Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Setup your local and remote website
  • Work with Text, Images and Tables
  • Make a Site Map
  • Cre­ate Rollover effects
  • Format Web Pages with Style Sheets
  • Cre­ate Forms for Cap­tur­ing Vis­itor Data
  • Insert Jump Menus
  • Explore Lay­ers
  • Adding Inter­act­ive Behaviours
  • Use Lib­rar­ies and Templates
  • Insert Mul­ti­me­dia Ele­ments into Web Pages Cameras
  • Pro­duce Dif­fer­ent Lay­outs with Tables
  • Auto­mat­ing Repet­it­ive Tasks

Spreadsheet Training – Microsoft Excel

excel_2013_150Among some of the many top­ics that I cover are the following:

  • Design­ing Workbooks
  • Enter­ing and Edit­ing Data
  • Format­ting Worksheets
  • Func­tions
  • Charts
  • Vlookups, Hlookups
  • Data­base Features
  • Print­ing
  • Tam­ing the Rib­bon in Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013
  • Mac­ros
  • VBA Pro­gram­ming
  • Work­ing with Pro­ced­ures and Functions
  • Under­stand­ing Objects
  • Using Expres­sions, Vari­ables, and Intrinsic Functions
  • Con­trolling Pro­gram Execution
  • Work­ing with Forms and Controls
  • Work­ing with the Pivot­Table Object
  • Debug­ging Code
  • Hand­ling Errors

Underwater Photography

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O2 shuts webmail service

O2 shuts webmail service as outdated system led to lost and delayed emails

The Irish Times have reported that O2 is to discontinue its free webmail service next month following frequent service disruptions that have left many users unable to receive emails, in some cases for up to three weeks.

In a statement to The Irish Times , the mobile operator said the technology platform that runs its webmail service had become outdated. Read the rest of this entry »

New Data Protection Laws

Irish Times have a very good piece about the new proposals for Data Protection in Europe including:

  • A single set of rules will apply across the EU
  • Less paperwork for companies, as “unnecessary” administrative requirements will go
  • Organisations and citizens will deal with a single data protection authority in the EU country where organisations have their main base Read the rest of this entry »
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