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marine_200Video on your website means business.

While a picture can paint a thousand words – video on your site can will make it more engaging. When you have professional video content on your website visitors will stay longer. The more time spent on a website the more the propensity to buy your products and services increases.

Web video is a cheap way to have quality content onto your site.

Check out www.MarineVideosForSale.com .

There are over 50 videos on www.BrendanMoran.ie .

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For more information please contact me – E-Mail: info@BrendanMoran.ie

Social Media and Identity Theft

facebook_boycottWhen using Social Media sites, particularly Facebook you must be very careful not to fall foul of identity theft or be the victim of other crimes like burglary.

Internet privacy advocates agree: Facebook is a hotbed for identity theft. Not only are many of the “secret questions” for financial accounts like birth date, city, and addresses publicly displayed to all who view your page, there is also a much higher incidence rate for scammers and phishers when a “friend” – almost always a scammer who has compromised a Facebook account – sends you a fraudulent link to click or asks for money to be wired overseas. Protect your privacy by ensuring that you are following these important social networking privacy tips. Read the rest of this entry »

Disaster Recovery and Backups

Computer-RepairBackups are vital for the smooth survival of your business or organisation. Another thing that goes hand in hand is Disaster Recovery (DR). Simply put this means how quickly can my business be back up and running after a Server or PC crashes.

It is all well and good having your data backuped up but to use this data you need your server or PC to be in exactly the state it was before the disaster struck. Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile Phone Scams

fraud-alertThe Irish Times reported on Jan 28th 2013 that  the communications watchdog has moved swiftly to ensure that those behind a scam which targeted tens of thousands of Irish mobile phone users over the weekend do not get paid.

Throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning thousands of people received missed calls from a number which started with the prefix 386. Many called the number back under the assumption that it came from an Irish 086 number – which would appear on a mobile phone as 35386.
 However they were then connected to a premium rate service based in Slovenia and while some had their calls cut off as soon as a connection was made, others were diverted to telephone sex lines. Read the rest of this entry »

iPad 3 Training

The new iPad 3 is a stunning piece of technology and is a serious business tool. The iPad is NOT a gimmick. iOS 6 is now available and highly recommended.

It integrates superbly with Microsoft Outlook whether you use this as an Exchange client or POP3 and in many respects is far superior to Outlook, or the way Microsoft uses their own product.

Group and one to one training – home and office visits arranged.

What I cover includes the following main areas: Read the rest of this entry »

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