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Brendan Moran - IT Consultant and IT Trainer, Wicklow, Ireland - Part 3

Speed Up Your PC

speed-up-computerFor opti­mum per­for­mance it is vital to keep your PC clean of virus­es and spy­ware. Using the right Inter­net Brows­er is also essen­tial. Peo­ple are not chang­ing their PCs as much as pos­si­ble due to the busi­ness down­turn so it is essen­tial to keep it up to date and get as many good years out of it a s pos­si­ble.

Hav­ing the right Anti Virus, Anti Spy­ware soft­ware and cor­rect Fire­wall is essen­tial to keep you PC in tip top health. Ide­al­ly you need a prod­uct that will do its job and not be too inva­sive like a lot of the major Anti Virus soft­ware pack­ages can be.

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Web Video Sells — Part 2

Beautiful Bray

Beau­ti­ful Bray

You should check out one of my new sites as to how web video sells.

Video on your web­site means busi­ness.

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Which Internet Browser Should You Use ?

chromeThe lat­est sta­tis­tics for Inter­net Browsers (Jan 2013) show Google’s Chrome way ahead of the com­pe­ti­tion. Chrome has 48.4% of the mar­ket.

Fire­fox is next with 30.2% and the Microsoft­’s own Inter­net Explor­er is a poor third with a mere 14.3%.

Oth­er browsers are Apple’s Safari 4.2% and Opera with 1.9%.


Why is Google’s so far ahead ?

I like its speed, secu­ri­ty and its updates.

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Web Video Sells

marine_200Video on your web­site means busi­ness.

While a pic­ture can paint a thou­sand words — video on your site can will make it more engag­ing. When you have pro­fes­sion­al video con­tent on your web­site vis­i­tors will stay longer. The more time spent on a web­site the more the propen­si­ty to buy your prod­ucts and ser­vices increas­es.

Web video is a cheap way to have qual­i­ty con­tent onto your site.

Check out .

There are over 50 videos on .

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Social Media and Identity Theft

facebook_boycottWhen using Social Media sites, par­tic­u­lar­ly Face­book you must be very care­ful not to fall foul of iden­ti­ty theft or be the vic­tim of oth­er crimes like bur­glary.

Inter­net pri­va­cy advo­cates agree: Face­book is a hotbed for iden­ti­ty theft. Not only are many of the “secret ques­tions” for finan­cial accounts like birth date, city, and address­es pub­licly dis­played to all who view your page, there is also a much high­er inci­dence rate for scam­mers and phish­ers when a “friend” – almost always a scam­mer who has com­pro­mised a Face­book account – sends you a fraud­u­lent link to click or asks for mon­ey to be wired over­seas. Pro­tect your pri­va­cy by ensur­ing that you are fol­low­ing these impor­tant social net­work­ing pri­va­cy tips. Read the rest of this entry »