Apple Mac – New Virus

ZD Net reported on 29th Oct 2010 

A new Trojan horse malware that affects Mac OS X has been uncovered by Macintosh Security site SecureMac.

The Trojan is called ‘trojan.osx.boonana.a’ and is being disguised as a video and distributed through social-networking sites such as Facebook. It appears on people’s Facebook pages and may contain the text “Is this you in this video?” in the link. When the link is clicked, the Trojan runs a Java applet that downloads other files to the computer and automatically opens an installer.

The Trojan will then run in the background and appears to report system information to servers on the internet, leading to a potential breach of personal information. The Trojan also attempts to spread itself by sending spam email messages from the user’s account.

Davy’s Stock Market app for iPhone

Davy Stockbrokers have launched a new stock market app for the iPhone .

Simply visit the App Store and type in Davy to install.

It is available for free.

Apple’s iPhone v Google’s Android

Ciara O’Brien has a good article in today’s Irish Times (16th July 2010) highlighting the battle between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android system which operates across a range of handsets.

Both systems have had recent upgrades. Apple’s iOS4 boasts over 100 new features or tweaks including multitasking (limited), ability to create folders easy shutting down of applications in the background,  but still no Flash support. Android has beefed up Exchange support and has always supported Flash.

Apple has a tight control over the os on its iPhone and Google has little or no control on what handsets uses its Android system. This is reminiescent of the early eigthies when Apple only allowed Mac OS on its PCs but Microsoft allow DOS/Windows onto any PC.

Database Development

Access 2013I design and develop a wide range of database systems. These range from desktop Access systems to enterprise/internet wide SQL and MySql. These databases are customised 100% for my clients. They are never static and can be developed to grow with your business / organisational needs. Databases are far superior to spreadsheets – with databases you enter the data once and then you can get unlimited views and turn that raw data into information. I also specialise in recovering data from corrupt Access databases.

The five main reasons why people commission one of my databases are:

• Improve Operational Efficiencies
• Reduce Costs
• Generate New Revenues
• Deliver Improved Customer Services
• Adhere to good business practices

Information = Organised Data + Typical Database include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales and Sales Analysis Databases
  • Stock / Inventory Systems
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Time and Billing Systems
  • Financial Consultancy Systems
  • Banking Databases
  • Order Management Systems
  • Equipment Hire and Timed Based Invoicing
  • Marketing Campaign System
  • Customer Questionnaire / Feedback
  • Health/Safety and Social Welfare Databases
  • Research Databases
  • Hospital Department Databases
  • Accounts Customisation
  • Legal Databases
  • Booking Systems
  • Databases for Solicitors
  • Pension Databases
  • Schools Databases

I also recover data from corrupt Access databases .

Preventing Enterprise Data Loss – 6 Best Practices

There is an excellent Article on ZD Net 15th June 2010 about the 6 Best Practices for Preventing Enterprise Data Loss. These include:

#1: Understand what data is most sensitive to your business.

#2: Know where your most sensitive data resides.

#3: Understand the origin and nature of your risks.

#4: Select the appropriate controls based on policy risk  and where sensitive data resides.

#5: Manage security centrally

#6: Audit security to constantly improve.

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