Mobile Phone Scams

fraud-alertThe Irish Times reported on Jan 28th 2013 that  the communications watchdog has moved swiftly to ensure that those behind a scam which targeted tens of thousands of Irish mobile phone users over the weekend do not get paid.

Throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning thousands of people received missed calls from a number which started with the prefix 386. Many called the number back under the assumption that it came from an Irish 086 number – which would appear on a mobile phone as 35386.
 However they were then connected to a premium rate service based in Slovenia and while some had their calls cut off as soon as a connection was made, others were diverted to telephone sex lines.

Mobile phone scams

Scams that come to you on your mobile can be difficult to recognise. They might come from somebody who talks as if they know you; they might come through a ‘missed call’ from an unknown number that you redial; or they might be upfront about what they are promoting, but have hidden charges.

You might be offered free or cheap ring tones, or the chance to win fantastic prizes.

When you reply to these messages or calls, you may find yourself disappointed in the product or signed up to a service you don’t want or cannot stop. You could be left facing a huge phone bill.

If you receive a missed call or text message from an unknown number, the best thing to do is to delete the message or ignore the call.

Always do your homework before you agree to any offer you receive over your mobile and never agree to any offer that you are not completely sure about.

Ring tone scams

Misleading offers for ‘free’ or cheap ring tones that end up being a subscription or premium rate service.

Missed calls & text messages from unknown numbers

Missed calls that can lead to premium rate charges. Mysterious text messages that can cost a lot of money if your reply to them.

SMS competition & trivia scams

You are encouraged to enter a competition or trivia contest over SMS for a great prize – but misled about your chances or how much it will cost to take part.

Unexpected ‘prizes’

Unexpected prizes that need you to send money to claim—you may never receive the prize or it may not be what you expected.

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