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Microsoft sues Comet over Windows 'counterfeits' | Brendan Moran



Microsoft sues Comet over Windows ‘counterfeits’

ZD Net reports that Microsoft is suing the UK elec­tri­cal retail­er Comet for alleged­ly cre­at­ing and sell­ing more than 94,000 coun­ter­feit Win­dows recov­ery CDs.

Microsoft is suing UK retail­er Comet over claims it sold thou­sands of coun­ter­feit Win­dows recov­ery disks. The soft­ware giant took its case to the UK High Court on Wednes­day, claim­ing Comet had made mon­ey from sales of sets of knock-off Win­dows Vista and Win­dows XP recov­ery disks.

“As detailed in the com­plaint filed today, Comet pro­duced and sold thou­sands of coun­ter­feit Win­dows CDs to unsus­pect­ing cus­tomers in the Unit­ed King­dom,” Microsoft asso­ciate gen­er­al coun­sel David Finn said in a state­ment.

Finn described the alleged coun­ter­feit­ing as “unfair” to Comet’s cus­tomers and said Microsoft expect­ed bet­ter from its retail­ers.

In response, the retail­er said it sup­plied buy­ers with the disks because man­u­fac­tur­ers rarely bun­dle them with their PCs any more, and that it made them “on behalf of its cus­tomers”.