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Support for Windows XP is Ending on 8th April 2014

Support for Windows XP is Ending on 8th April 2014 Start Planning Now Contact Brendan Moran IT Consultant E-mail Visit Ph 086 859 6701

CryptoLocker – A Real Nasty Virus

Online attackers are using encryption to lock up our files and demand a ransom — and AV software probably won’t protect you. There are ways to defend yourself from CryptoLocker.

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Microsoft Admits Windows 8 Disaster

The Financial Times reported today, 7th May 2013,  that Microsoft admits that Windows 8 has been a disaster. “Microsoft is preparing to reverse course over key elements of its Windows 8 operating system, marking one of the most prominent admissions of failure for a new mass-market consumer product since Coca-Cola’s New Coke fiasco nearly 30 …

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Speed Up Your PC

For optimum performance it is vital to keep your PC clean of viruses and spyware. Using the right Internet Browser is also essential. People are not changing their PCs as much as possible due to the business downturn so it is essential to keep it up to date and get as many good years out …

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Web Video Sells – Part 2

You should check out one of my new sites as to how web video sells. Video on your web­site means business.

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